issue #3. deleuze in the land of palm trees.

Geography of difference, philosophical winds and intensive encounters in Brazil

Prepared especially for deleuze international this ensemble of articles and interviews introduces to the philosophical production related to Gilles Deleuze in Brazil. In ‘the land of the palm trees’, or Pindorama, as its indigenous inhabitants, the Tupi-Guarani, used to call their country, the reception of Deleuze’s writings started flourishing at the end of the 1960ies. Thanks to the translations of important scholars of Deleuze and Guattari almost all of their works are today available to the Brazilian reader. Beyond this, a considerable variety of books, articles, symposia and, most of all, the widespread activity in philosophy and arts departments of universities located between the Amazon and Paraná rivers inspire the still increasing interest in the transformational potential of the concepts created by these French thinkers. The articles here assembled were authored by major exponents of the reception and reflection about Deleuze’s philosophy in Brazil: Roberto Machado, Luiz Orlandi and Peter Pál Pelbart.

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