MultiRAID II – Cruising on the Limits

Marges de la musique (Margins of music)

Music, art, sociology, philosophy, ecology and performance in transit.

22-28 August 2017 near the beautiful seaside town Cesme, Turkey

Fields: Philosophy, Sociology, Music, Cultural Studies, Ecology, Technology


  • “Philosophical Noise: Punk, post-punk, Industrial Noise and their Philosophical Background”
  • “Nomadism and Music in Philosophy”
  • “Underground Music and Philosophy”
  • “Literature and Philosophy”
  • “Animals and Philosophy”
  • “Minor Music – Discussions on Sociology and Philosophy”
  • “The Night Culture”
  • “Ecology in the 21st Century and Posthumanism”
  • “Philosophy of Technology and Music”

What we’re talking about here is an excursion on the limits. In fact, navigating the bounds is the most creative form of thought, music, art and science. Social organization today defines a center for itself and pushes the ones who desire and strive to be out in the bounds, who forego, modify or forget the standard codes out to its peripheries. Such people are to be blessed by the system only when they produce “utility” or “capital”. Otherwise they are isolated, eradicated or deemed worthless.

However as the system casts out and marginalizes the ones in the limits, they assert that what they do is not useless or functionless, on the contrary therein (in deterritorialization, nomadism and all resistance against the established order) lies the true culture and social organization. As the Ideological State Apparatuses try to eradicate them, they realize themselves in these experiences produced on the limits. The realization here is not in a single form but in multiplicity. For instance, this multiplicity is possible to see in music not only through “noise” but also in punk, post-punk, Cage, Webern, Debussy and electronic, folk and sacred music.

The aim of this festival is to remind its attendees that the standards and norms are always possible to overcome and invite them to a cruise on the limits. It is still possible to form new lines of escape. Research and excursions to different surfaces instead of teaching, ordering and demanding… We can do this in all disciplines: art, philosophy, music, sociology, ecology, performance… As we reach the rhizomes of collective organizations we will no longer need roots.

Contact: Dr. Can Batukan