=) A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT (Annual National Deleuze Conference May 17-18 / 2017)

The Sixth Annual Lowlands Deleuze Scholarship Conference will take place on 17–18 May 2017 at the AKI Academy of Art and Design in Enschede, part of ArtEZ University of the Arts, the Netherlands. The Conference’s scientific committee includes Rosi Braidotti, Rick Dolphijn and Sjoerd van Tuinen. The conveners of the event are Marc Boumeester (AKI) and Andrej Radman (TU Delft).

The 2017 edition titled A Grin without a Cat will be devoted to the concept of pedagogies. It starts from the premise that what we learn is inextricably linked to how we learn it. Dichotomies such as content and form, figure and ground, or inside and outside, serve no purpose. It is the task of educators to integrate de-stratification and immanent approaches into pedagogical practices that should include the design of education itself. Papers concerning these and related issues will be presented at the conference.

CfP: 2nd Annual Deleuze Studies Conference in Asia, 2014 Osaka

Deadline: 1 February, 2014

  • The Second International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference will be held at Toyonaka campus of Osaka University. The conference dates are Jun 6-8 2014.
  • The Second International Deleuze Camp in Asia (summer school) will also be hosted by Osaka University, May 31 to June 3, 2014.

Both programs will be conducted in English.

In Japan, Deleuze and Guattari’s work has been influential since the 1970s when their work first began to be translated. It experienced a big boom in 1980s and has grown in importance ever since. now, in this century, their work is discussed in a wide variety of fields, such as cultural studies, literary studies, politics, culture, art, architecture and environment.

The Deleuze Studies in Asia conference is organized with the aim of providing a platform for all researchers with an interest in Deleuze and Guattari’s work, especially in Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia) regardless of fields and intensions. Participation by researchers from Europe, America and Latin America is welcome, indeed it is hoped that this conference will generate many new “rhizomatic” connections across the many islands of thoughts we all derive from.

The main theme of the conference is “Island”. Island is a big issue not only in terms of Japan as an island country, but also for Deleuze studies, further, with reference to the subject of “individual”.

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7th International Deleuze Studies Conference: Models, Machines and Memories

Istanbul, July, 14-16th 2014 at the Department of Interior Design, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Deadline: 20 January, 2014

Models, Machines and Memories: 7th International Deleuze Studies Conference in Istanbul 2014 explores the themes related to the works of Deleuze and Deleuze and Guattari, and brings together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines and geographies. Exploring the relationship between the philosophy, space, architecture, arts, socio-political studies and sciences, through enriched views of trans-disciplinary perspectives, Models, Machines and Memories offers an open invitation to all scholars with an interest in the work of Deleuze and Guattari.

2014 Deleuze Studies Conference is hosted by ITU-Istanbul Technical University. It will be held in the beautiful Taşkışla Building of ITU-School of Architecture. One of the great cities of the world, Istanbul is a unique, historically rich and multi-layered city. Its extraordinary urban life, will provide the perfect milieu for the Deleuze Conference and the Deleuze Camp.

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CfP: Conference on Deleuze’s Cultural Encounters with the New Humanities 9-12 June, 2014

Conference on Deleuze’s Cultural Encounters with the New Humanities
9-12 June, 2014 at the Department of English and the Technoscience Culture and Research Centre, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong

Deadline: 15 January, 2014

The organizers of this conference are inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s thought on how the traditional humanities could be revitalized through an emphasis on a nomadic encounter between the East and the West. To encounter is to see differently of the world; and true
encounters are always with an outside, from roots to rhizomes. The conference is rooted in humanities studies of literature, various art forms, cultural texts such as media and films, etc, but the topics of studies flow over to concepts related to a revised humanities and particularly to the post‐human. The conference welcomes Deleuze scholars who explore into many of the ramifications of such a new humanities on the one hand, and on the other, those who aspire towards mapping and/or recreating cultural boundaries between the East and the West by experimenting with new concepts so as to create
interassemblages between them. It is the conference’s mission to “dislocate” any sense of cultural centrism, meanwhile relocating the very edges of encounters or interfaces within the context of a globalized, intercultural and sustainable nomadology in the 21st century and beyond.

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