Resonance(s): A Deleuze and Guattari Conference on Philosophy, Arts and Politics

SantralIstanbul, location provided by Istanbul Bilgi University – April 22nd-24th, 2010
information on application and registration here
Deadline for applications: September 1st, 2009
Panel proposals, individual proposals and performance proposals are encouraged but not limited to following areas:
Un-gestalt, Détournament, Spectacle/Specular, Noise, Perversion, Madness, Schizo-analysis, Hysteria, Histrionics, Addiction, Altered states, Actual/Virtual, Immanence/Transcendental, Dialectics, Nomadology, Affect/Percept, Noumenon/Phenomenon, Time/Matter, Ressentiment, Macro/Micro Perceptions, Quantum, Becoming, Year Zero, Micro-politics, Minor literature, Ritournelle