New Online Magazine “Semiophagy” – Call for Papers

Semiophagy is an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, artists, and activists to engage in semiotics, broadly construed. More than abstractly saying what signs are generally, Semiophagy pushes the concept of the sign toward questions of praxis. Instead of asking ‘what’ a sign is, it questions ‘how’ we discover and interpret signs in the first place.
Semiophagy aims to trace the being of signs from their phenomenological emergence to their existential significance, asserting that insofar as all signs must be interpreted, the search for every sign’s meaning is a creative urge expressed as art. This includes but is not restricted to philosophical and critical inquiries, visual works, pataphysical experiments, manifestos, comics, spoof ads and articles, dada, ethical treatises, as well as the history and myth of semiotics itself.
For possible publication in Spring of 2009, submissions to Semiophagy MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 1ST, 2009.

Semiophagy is a blind, peer-reviewed publication. More Information here

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