Deleuze, Pragmatism and Post-Kantian Thought Conference

The Deleuze, Pragmatism and Post-Kantian Thought Conference will be a point of convergence for a number of philosophical demands and developments. Firstly, there is at present a need for a sustained exploration of the relationship between Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy and the tradition of American Pragmatism. There is a surprising lack of literature on this topic, despite the fact that Deleuze refers to Pragmatism and cites James and Peirce in a number of places. There are also clear but as yet unexplored overlaps between Deleuzian and Pragmatist approaches to philosophical concepts such as truth, meaning and experience. Secondly, a sizeable amount of work is currently emerging on Deleuze’s relationship to the tradition of post-Kantian thought. Deleuze’s work on Kant and Nietzsche has received a substantial amount of attention, but a number of novel studies have also recently appeared on Deleuze’s reading of Maimon, and the complex and not merely hostile relationship that Deleuze has to Hegel. Finally, there has in recent years been a revival in American Pragmatist thought and the birth of what is now being called Neo-Pragmatism or the New Pragmatism. Moreover, in the work of Rorty and Brandom in particular, this Neo-Pragmatism has taken on a specifically post-Kantian and Hegelian flavour. The conjunction of these demands and developments thus cry out for further exploration and present us with an opportunity to develop and extend new lines of philosophical inquiry.
When and Where
9am – 5.30pm
(Registration from 8.30am)
December 17-18, 2012
Deakin University – Melbourne City Centre
Level 3, 550 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Confirmed Speakers
Prof. Anne Sauvagnargues (Paris 10), Prof. James Williams (Dundee), Prof. Claire Colebrook (Penn State/UNSW), Prof. Paul Patton (UNSW), A/Prof. Daniel W. Smith (Purdue), A/Prof. Gregory Flaxman (North Carolina), Dr Simon Duffy (Yale-NUS/Sydney), Dr Daniela Voss (Free University of Berlin), Dr Craig Lundy (Wollongong), Dr Jack Reynolds (La Trobe), Dr Jon Roffe (Melbourne), Dr Geoff Boucher (Deakin), Dr Janice Baker (Deakin), Dr Sean Bowden (Deakin), Mr Yubraj Ayral (Purdue), Ms Talia Morag (Sydney).
Attendance and Cost
Registration is compulsory but the conference is open to all and is free to attend on both days. Lunch and morning and afternoon tea will be provided.
Registration is required by Wednesday the 5th of December for catering purposes. Please register by contacting and providing your name, affiliation, and which days you will be attending (subject line: DPPKT Conference). For all other enquiries, please contact Sean Bowden at