Call for Papers: Deleuze Studies Conference – Creation Crisis Critique

Copenhagen 27-29 June 2011

Copenhagen Business School

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture

Call for Papers

The fourth annual International Deleuze Studies Conference intends to explore current conditions for creative critiques. In the searchlight are potentialities for responding to a seemingly permanent, yet persistently mutating crisis. The conference intends to assemble ways of conceiving the current plurality of crises – financial, ecological, political, existential, aesthetic – letting their bindings show, analyzing their displacements and their disguises, exacerbating them, perhaps indeed taking us deeper into them. A micropolitics of global society is in need of articulation; this makes us desire philosophy as ever before.

The texts of Gilles Deleuze, once restricted to specialists, the French public, and tenants of radical politics, are now being put to work everywhere, and seem far from having lost their momentum. His readers – whether they be academic scholars, activists, architects, artists, designers, managers, workers or just marginalized – face a world that beckons comprehensive recompositions through inventive action.

The current situation calls for a renewed critique, but also for something more. It calls for a creativity in questioning the world, in the position and solution of its problems. The very scope of the difficulties calls for transdisciplinary awareness and attention to disparaties. The multiple lines connecting heterogeneous systems articulate as many virtual passages between (to name but the most apparent) the ecological, educational, financial and political crises which play together with the crises particular to the arts, to architecture, and to design. This is why Copenhagen Business School, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and School of Visual Arts have joined forces in searching for a recomposition of the reception and application of Deleuze’s work.

Possible topics for papers may include but are not limited to:

–           Aesthetics inside and outside art

–           Urban planning and architecture

–           Social science and organizational practice

–           Creative Philosophy

–           Capitalism and its continuous crises

–           Nomadic politics and Social Sustainability

–           Neuroscience and Culture

–           Aesthetics of Life Sciences

–           Methodological interfaces between science and the Humanities

–           Gender and becoming

Length of presentations: max. 20 minutes. We welcome panel proposals.

Please submit your abstract (max. 200 words) and a short bio at before the 1st of February, 2011.

All kinds of academics, non-academics, artists, workers, salespeople and freelancers should join up for this event, a philosophical Copenhagen Summit.

Confirmation of acceptance will be emailed before March 15th, 2011.  Selections will take place on the basis of the number of panel presentations.

Deleuze Camp 5
Creative Critiques

Preceding the conference, students can participate in a summer school: The Deleuze Camp 5 ‘Creative Critiques’. The camp will take place from 20-24 June 2011 in Copenhagen. Places are limited.

For conference and/or camp registration and further information, please refer to our website, which also hosts a list of confirmed Plenary Speakers: