CfP/Conference – Gilbert Simondon: Transduction, Translation, Transformation

A Two-Day International Conference at the American University of Paris
May 27-28, 2010
Paris, France

In recent years, the work of Gilbert Simondon has received greater attention both in France and internationally following the re-publication of his work over the past decade. The importance of Simondon’s thought to the work of French philosophers including Gilles Deleuze and Bernard Stiegler has become increasingly discussed and analysed both in France and in the English-speaking world. At the same time, Simondon’s work has been taken up on its own terms, recognized for the unique contributions that he made to the philosophy of technology, phenomenology and social philosophy. Forthcoming translations of his major works into English will surely instigate a long-overdue introduction of his work within a much broader international community of scholars.

We are currently accepting submissions that examine how Simondon’s work has intersected with other projects in critical theory, cultural studies, contemporary social theory and beyond. Thus, in keeping with the theme of “transduction, translation and transformation,” we are not looking for papers that merely rehearse the writings of Simondon, but projects that transform and translate his concepts and thoughts into new areas of work and new forms of engagement. We equally invite participation from experts on Simondon’s work, as well as those interested in discovering it for the first time.

Confirmed Keynote: Mark Hansen (Duke University), Jean-Hugues Barthelemy (Brest)

Possible presentations could engage with Simondon’s work connected with various themes including:

– Media, technology and technics;
– Information, its history and futures;
– Theories and practices of individuation and affect;
– Bio-social ontologies;
– Post-representational philosophy;
– Phenomenology and materialism;
– Systems Theory;
– Simondon and other thinkers (Deleuze, Merleau-Ponty, Baudrillard,
Stielger, Stengers…)

The conference format will primarily consist of paper presentations, roundtable discussions and keynotes, but interested participants are welcome to propose alternative forms of involvement. Those interested in participating are asked to submit at 300 word abstract, outlining the subject of their contribution. Please send these abstracts to the
attention of the conference organizers by January 30th, 2010 via email to the address, Accepted proposals will be considered for inclusion in a future publication drawn from the conference proceedings.

Conference Organizers: Bernard Geoghegan (Northwestern University, USA), Mark Hayward (American University of Paris, France), and Robert Mitchell (Duke University, USA)